Zirconium sulphate

Product name Zirconium sulphate
CAS NO. 14644-61-2
Content(%) Zr(Hf)O2:32-33
Usages It is mainly used as protein precipitant and tanning agent for white leather, wrinkled leather and other leather. 
It can also be used as catalyst and wear reducing agent. 
It can also be used as zirconium coating of titanium dioxide.
Packaging 25kg plastic bag or according to customer requirement
Appearance White crystalline powder or crystalline solid。It is hygroscopic. 
It becomes crystalline water containing one molecule when heated to 100 ℃ and anhydrous at 380 ℃. 
It is soluble in water (52g/100g in 18 ℃ water), but insoluble in ethanol. The aqueous solution is acidic to litmus. 
The aqueous solution is precipitated by 4ZrO2 ·3SO3 ·15H2O after standing at room temperature for a long time, and the thinner the solution is, the easier it is to precipitate. 
Relative density (D16) 3.22. 
Melting point 410 ℃ (anhydrous, decomposed). 
Low toxicity, 50% lethal dose (rat, oral) 3500mg/kg. 
It's irritating.
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