Zirconium sulfate Production Type & usage in leather industry

Time: 2023-03-07

Zirconium sulfate can be produced through a few different methods, including:

The direct reaction method: This method involves reacting zircon sand (ZrSiO4) with sulfuric acid (H2SO4) to form zirconium sulfate (Zr(SO4)2) and other byproducts. This is the most commonly used method for zirconium sulfate production.

The double decomposition method: This method involves reacting zirconium acetate or zirconium oxychloride with sodium sulfate or ammonium sulfate to form zirconium sulfate and other byproducts.

The sol-gel method: This method involves mixing zirconium alkoxide with sulfuric or hydrochloric acid in a solvent, then heating the mixture to form zirconium sulfate.

Overall, the direct reaction method is the simplest and most cost-effective method for producing zirconium sulfate. However, the other methods may be preferred under certain circumstances, depending on factors such as product purity or environmental considerations.

Zirconium sulphate is commonly used in the leather industry as a tanning agent. It helps to bind the leather fibers together and create a durable, long-lasting material. It is particularly effective in tanning heavy hides and skins for products such as saddles, belts, and shoes.

Zirconium sulphate is preferred over other tanning agents because it is less toxic and has less environmental impact. It also produces leather with a natural appearance and a soft, supple feel.

To use zirconium sulphate in the leather tanning process, it is typically added to a solution and then applied to the hides or skins. The material is then left to soak for a period of time, allowing the tanning agent to fully penetrate the fibers.

Overall, zirconium sulphate is a valuable tool in the leather industry, helping to create high-quality, durable products while still maintaining environmental responsibility.


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